How to Perfect Your Smile Naturally

by Dylan Murray ; Updated September 28, 2017

Practice your smile for a natural, appealling look.

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Nothing is quite as persuasive to your children, your spouse and your customers as a warm smile with a sparkle in your eye. Smiling spontaneously, with no apparent effort, requires practice. Just as you can perfect your abdomen, triceps and biceps, you can perfect your smiling muscles. Models and actors don’t come by their great smiles without practice. Good health, not smoking and avoiding tea and coffee can help, but actual practice brings about that smile that cheers you and those who see you.

Take a photograph of yourself smiling. Decide what you like and what you want to change.

Study your face in the mirror. Practice smiling to see what different effects you can produce. Try smiling with an open mouth and closed mouth. Take note of how a broad smile makes you look.

Practice smiling with your eyes by looking in the mirror. Take note on how you can change the liveliness of your eyes. Think of something happy and watch the change in your face.

Combine the efforts of smiling with your mouth and smiling with your eyes. Hold the smile that you like best. Note the feel of your face and how you are holding your muscles. Practice reproducing it.

Take note of when you get compliments on your new smile. Recall that feeling, both physically and emotionally, when you are smiling in the future.

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