How to Peel Jicama

How to Peel Jicama. Jicama, also called Mexican turnip or Mexican potato, can be a tasty exotic treat, but one that many people don't know how to prepare properly. If you've never peeled a jicama before, don't worry. The process is surprisingly simple and even easier when you use a potato peeler. You can start snacking on jicama in a matter of minutes.

Use the knife to slice off the top and bottom ends of the jicama so that it can lie flat on the cutting board. You don't have to cut off a lot, just enough to have a stable cutting surface.

Peel it just as you would as a potato. Using your potato peeler, carefully scrape off the outside layers of the Jicama, exposing the fleshy portion inside. You need to remove all of the stringy parts of the outer shell. If you don't have a potato peeler, then you can remove the skin with a knife; just be careful not to cut yourself.

Slice the jicama. You can cut a jicama into slices or cubes and use them in your favorite dish, or simply eat the cubes for a delicious and healthy snack. Jicama is great with a tangy citrus dressing or combined with other fruits.

Practice. The more you practice cutting a jicama, the better at it you will become. With a little practice, you should be able to peel one in less than a minute.