How to Peel a Ginger Root

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Ginger root is classically associated with sushi as an accompaniment along with wasabi. Ginger root is very nutritious and can be added to many different recipes, including even ice cream. Ginger root is wrapped with a thin skin that looks like tree bark. Peeling it off is a simple process that requires either a spoon or vegetable peeler.

Pick a piece of ginger that is shiny and firm. This means that it is ready to use with your everyday cooking needs.

Hold the ginger root firmly in your non-dominant hand and grasp either the teaspoon or vegetable peeler in your dominant hand.

Scrape the thin ginger skin off of the root using the spoon or vegetable peeler. Scrape the edge of the spoon or the blade of the vegetable peeler in a straight motion away from your body to avoid injury.

Wash the ginger root under cold water after you have finished peeling it to ensure all the skin is removed.

Grate, slice, dice, chop or blend the ginger root after you have finished peeling it.