How to Participate in a Flip Flop Exchange

How to Participate in a Flip Flop Exchange. Chain letters have traditionally been used for recipes, money and dish towels. One of the latest chain letter trends is for flip flops. Called the "Great Flip Flop Exchange," this chain letter program has excited flip flop collectors around the globe. If you love flip flops then you will want to participate in the Great Flip Flop Exchange.

Understand what the Flip Flop Exchange is. The Flip Flop Exchange, also referred to as the Great Flip Flop Exchange is a chain letter that is intended to be fun.

Acquire a copy of the Flip Flop Exchange chain letter. You can do this by requesting one from a blog on the Flip Flop Exchange or by letting a friend that has received one that they can send you one. If you can't find a chain to join, then you can start your own.

Read the Flip Flop Exchange chain letter and learn the rules.

Buy a pair of fun flip flops and a large padded manila or Tyvek envelope.

Format your letter by removing the first name, moving the second name to the first position and then adding your name to the last position.

Address your envelope and mail off your flip flops to the name at the top of the original list.

Mail off your chain letter with a blank copy of the form letter to six people.

Wait for your flip flops to pour in. You should receive about 36 pairs if the letter works and everyone follows the directions.