How to Paint Your Face Like a Bear

bear image by .shock from

Whether you are attending a costume party or dressing up for another reason, you may deal with the challenge of painting your face to suit the occasion. Although professional-looking face paint can take a long time to create, there are tricks to help you cut down on application time while still enjoying superb results. If you are planning on dressing up as a bear, you may find it is easier than expected to paint your face like a bear using face paints.

Dip your application sponge in the white face paint. Draw a large circle in the middle of the face, around the nose and mouth area, using the face paint. Fill in the area using the white paint. This creates the look of a muzzle.

Dip another sponge in your light brown face paint. Cover the rest of the face with the light brown paint, being careful not to touch any areas painted with the white color.

Dip another sponge into the dark brown face paint. Apply the paint in a circular area around the eyes, covering the eyebrows and filling in the area approximately one inch around the eye. Apply this color across the entire jaw line, as well.

Dip another sponge into the black face paint. Draw a line across each eyebrow, using the sponge. Draw another line under the lower eyelid, as close to the lash line as possible.

Draw a small circle around the tip of the nose using the sponge dipped in black face paint; this gives the illusion of a bear’s nose. Apply the black paint to the lips, as if applying lip balm.

Draw a line, using the sponge with black paint, from the nose to the upper lip. With the black paint, create a few small dots in the white muzzle area, between the nose and upper lip. These black dots create the look of whiskers.