How to Paint a Tie for Father's Day

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Solid-color ties
  • Fabric paint

How to Paint a Tie for Father's Day. A hand-painted tie makes a personalized gift that Dad will cherish for years.

Step 1

Purchase a solid-color tie. Light colors, such as white or yellow, work best.

Step 2

Avoid top-of-the-line ties, as they are quite expensive. Silk or polyester is fine.

Step 3

Select some fabric paints. Use the kind that comes in squeeze bottles for easy application.

Step 4

Draw the design you want on a piece of paper first to perfect it.

Step 5

Try a design that lists all of the children's names or has a drawing of each child.

Step 6

Allow the children to help. They can write their own names or draw pictures of themselves.

Step 7

Add a saying such as "World's Greatest Dad" or "We Love Daddy."

Step 8

Lay the tie flat.

Step 9

Apply the paint to the tie carefully.

Step 10

Allow the tie to dry overnight.


  • Be sure to put your design on the part of the tie that will be visible when Dad wears it. Open the twist tops of the paint bottles enough so that you get a steady stream of paint, but not so much that it comes out in globs. Wipe the tip of each paint bottle after using it. Place your letters and pictures far enough apart so that they don't run together.