How to Package Wedding Invitations

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If you thought the rules of etiquette applied only to the wording on your wedding invitations and envelopes, you are mistaken. However, weddings have been conducted for long enough that a specific set of rules is available to guide brides and grooms on the order and packaging of wedding invitations. Following the etiquette for wedding invitation packaging will make it easier for your guests to learn about your wedding details and inform you of their decision to attend in a timely and organized manner.

Lay your large outer envelopes in a stack with the open, back side facing up. Lay your wedding invitations in another stack face up on a table or desk. Make a third stack to the right of the first two of your reception invitations.

Address and stamp your response envelopes by hand or with labels. Choose a postage stamp that coordinates with your wedding theme or is love-themed, which are available by request at your local post office.

Make a fourth stack of response cards and their accompanying envelopes by placing one response card beneath the outer flap of each addressed, stamped response envelope.

Create one complete wedding invitation package at a time by first Inserting an invitation with its protective piece of tissue paper on top of the wording, face up inside of the large outer envelope. Then, insert the reception invitation, also face up, with its protective sheet of tissue paper on top.

Insert the response card and envelope package into the larger outer envelope on top of the reception invitation. Any directions, registry information or additional information may go in last, on top of the response card and envelope combination.

Seal the outer envelopes with a damp sponge and begin addressing them. If you are not using labels, use formal handwriting and write clearly. Affix a matching postage stamp to the ones placed on response envelopes on the outside front upper right-hand corner of the large outer envelope.