How to Organize a Party

How to Organize a Party. A fabulous party does not just happen by accident. It takes a great deal of work to organize and plan the soirée of the century. Luckily, the steps to organize and plan a party are very simple and can be completed successfully by just about anyone. Thoughtful parties are fun for all.

Determine the date, time, theme and guest list for your party. The theme of the party will help you focus and organize the finite details. Seasons, holidays, sports, books or favorite games are all ideas for themes.

Decide on whether or not you will be playing games. Have organized games, as a back up in case the party is feeling stifled.

Send invitations to your guests or call them about two weeks ahead of time.

Choose a sit down dinner, buffet or simply appetizers. Settle on what food and beverages you want to serve, and if you will cook, have food delivered or hire a caterer.

Make a list of what supplies you will need for your party, such as tables, chairs, silverware and napkins. Plan where you want to set up your tables, chairs, and leave time to decorate. Establish your decoration scheme.

Purchase the items needed for food, supplies, and decorations about 3 days before your party, so that the food does not spoil. Practice any recipes you will be serving at your party. Clean your home the day before your party, pay particular attention to the bathrooms.

Mingle at your party, and don't overreact to messes. Enjoy yourself!