How to Organize a Bridal Shower

When you're the maid or matron of honor or a bridesmaid, one of the duties is to help organize the bridal shower. This doesn't have to be such an arduous task if organized planning is utilized.

Plan the Party

Get email addresses for everyone in the bridal party. Whether you all know each other or not, group emails are a great way to get everyone involved so all ideas can be shared. Make sure everyone knows to hit "Reply All" when answering any email, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Decide on a location that is mutually agreeable with everyone. Often bridal showers are held closest to where the majority of the bride's family lives, so be willing to travel if this doesn't happen to be the same town you live in.

Decide on a venue that is agreeable with everyone. Usually held at a restaurant or the home of a close friend or relative, it is best to discuss the pricing options for each place so everyone knows how much money they will need to chip in.

Get a list from the mothers of the bride and groom (and even the bride herself, if she's willing to have a small hand in the planning) of guests to be invited to the shower. Make sure you can get addresses for all of those being sent an invitation.

Decide what shower games, if any, you want to play. If more than one is to be played, try to split up the planning of each among the bridal shower so it doesn't all fall on one person's shoulders.

Decide on prizes for the games, as well as favors for the guests. Again, try to split up the duties so one person is not responsible for everything.

Move it along: When at the shower itself , keep the gift opening process moving. This is the part of the shower that takes the longest and people start to lose interest if it is poorly organized. Have one member of the bridal party keep a list of who gave what gifts, have another in charge of making the ribbon bouquet and/or ribbon hat, and have the rest situated around the bride to hand her gifts and take away wrapping paper in an orderly fashion. If you have enough bridesmaids, designate one as the picture-taker while the bride opens her gifts . Take candid shots and let the bride decide which she likes the best afterwards.