How to Melt Candy Melts

strawberry in chocolate fondue image by Andrejs Nikiforovs from

Make your own candy lollipops and create holiday candy shapes for edible gifts by melting candy melts. Candy melts are fast-melting, confectionery wafers. Once melted, the candy develops a smooth texture and taste, making it ideal for creating your own molded candy shapes and lollipops. You can enhance the flavor by adding a couple drops of cherry or peppermint into the melted mixture and change the colors from white to any color you prefer with the addition of food coloring.

Add water to the bottom of a double boiler pan until it reaches the indicated level marker for the top pan. Place it on the stove.

Rinse the top pan, and dry it thoroughly. Empty one 14-oz. bag of the candy melts into the top pan. Set this pan in the bottom pan.

Turn the heat on low. Allow the candy to melt, stirring it occasionally.

Remove the pot from the stove once the candy has become a smooth liquid. Read the manufacturer's directions to determine whether the melted candy may be immediately poured into the mold or requires a short cooling period. Confirm that melted candy may be reheated without affecting the texture.