How to Measure Grooming Shears

Grooming shears, also referred to as “hair shears,” are special scissors used for cutting human or animal hair. The same type of haircut can be performed using numerous sizes of shears. The size of shears you select will be determined by personal comfort level, but never purchase grooming shears that are larger than your hand (from the tip of your middle finger down to your wrist.) All of the grooming shears, even the little part at the bottom of the shears, are incorporated when coming up with the full measurement for grooming shears.

Close the grooming shears so that the blades overlap one another.

Locate the finger rest located at the bottom of the grooming shears. This is the small piece connected to one of the finger rings at the bottom of the shears.

Place the end of your ruler at the tip of the top blade of the grooming shears.

Extend your ruler in a straight line until you reach the tip of the finger rest. This will be the very top of the finger rest.

View the hash marks on the ruler to find the exact measurement of the grooming shears.