How to Measure for a Tux

Tuxedos are an essential part of any formal event from proms to weddings. Most tuxedo retailers and renters will take measurements when a customer comes in for a fitting. These fittings are free and or are built into the cost of the tuxedo. However, if the tuxedo is being ordered or rented online, the customer will have to provide his own measurements. Most companies will send a free measuring tape to the customer if one is requested.

Measure the person’s height with a dressmaker's tape measure. Make sure the person you are measuring isn't wearing shoes for the measurements. Have the person stand up straight against a wall and measure from the top of the person’s head to the floor. Record the measurement for each step in inches.

Wrap a tape measure around the waist just above the hipbones.

Use a tape measure to measure from the top of the pants to the floor next to the heel. This is called the outseam. Be sure the pants are sitting where the tux pants would sit on the waist.

Measure the person’s chest. Ask the person to stand straight up. Put the tape under the person’s arms and have him put his arms straight down. Wrap the tape around the shoulder blades in the back and over the largest part of the chest in the front. Do not wrap the tape too tightly.

Measure the person’s over-arm. To measure the over-arm, measure the top of the chest from shoulder to shoulder.

Measure the person’s neck. Wrap the measuring tape around the neck where the shirt collar would sit. Place two fingers under the tape to allow for breathing room.

Fit the sleeves. Have him put his arms down to the side. Place one end of the tape on the middle of the shoulders on the back of the person. Run the tape down to the elbow and then 1-inch past the wrist-bone.