How to Marry an Actor

How to Marry an Actor. Many men and women dream of marrying an actor for the drama, fame, passion and beauty associated with the profession and those who practice it. A few steps can help you meet and marry and actor and begin your own life's production.

Go where the actors are. Whether you take the plunge and move to Hollywood, or just hang out at the local community theater, you need to tap into the places where actors spend time.

Take an acting class. By taking a class, not only are you amidst actors, you can also get a taste of the profession yourself. You'll have more of an appreciation and understanding of the craft to talk about when you begin to woo the actor you want to marry.

Be emotionally ready to marry an actor. Because those in the performance field are often considered quite emotional and sensitive, you should prepare yourself for a relationship of that type. Try to be emotionally open and sensitive yourself so as to make your partner comfortable. And make sure you can cope with seeing your significant other kissing another actor in a performance.

Beware of drama. Some actors can take their sense of drama a bit too far, so watch out for a turbulent relationship. Consider whether or not an overly dramatic actor would make a new partner, and if not, try finding a more level-headed actor.

Stay open to the magic. Along with a sense of drama comes passion. Actors are often quite passionate in love and life, so enjoy the sense of deep connection and love that you find when marrying an actor.