How to Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

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Skate shoes are similar to sneakers, usually made of a leather upper and rubber sole. Skate shoes differ from running shoes in that the sole is quite a bit thicker, as it has to be able to withstand the impacts that come from skateboarding. Skateboard shoes take a regular beating that can cause them to wear out much faster than normal shoes. If you would like to prolong the life of your skate shoes, be sure to take care of them.

Clean your skate shoes with a damp cloth. Brush off any dirt or dust. Leave the shoes to air dry. Do not soak the shoes in water or dry the shoes over a heat source or in a dryer. Skate shoe leather can crack and the seam between the sole and upper can split if soaked and dried too quickly.

Condition your leather shoes with saddle soap if they seem dry. Rub the saddle soap in a circular motion with a cloth until a soapy lather appears. Wipe the saddle soap into the upper in a circular motion. Leave the shoe to absorb the saddle soap for about 30 minutes and then buff off any remaining residue.

Repair splits between the upper and sole of the shoe with shoe sole rubber compound. Apply the compound by squeezing it onto the surface of the split. Press the two sides back together and wrap duct tape around the repair until the glue has fully cured.

Avoid getting your shoes wet, or wearing them in the rain. Don't use your skate shoes for hiking on rugged terrain or for other sports, like football, which can damage them quickly.