How to Make Your Own Wire Dress Form

by John Yargo

A dress form, a bodice-shaped mannequin, is a handy tool for home or commercial tailoring. This standard instrument provides a firm shape while putting together a dress. In a few short steps, you can put together a wire dress form. Once you have constructed the essentials of the dress form, you can also decorate it to give it a more attractive aesthetic.

Items you will need

  • Chicken wire
  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden stand
Step 1

Shape chicken wire to the bust size. If necessary, use measuring tape to ensure that the dimensions are accurate.

Step 2

Bundle the wire together in tubes about the width of the hip and bust specifications. With this bundled wire, you can pin the chicken wire to measured dimensions.

Step 3

Hook the ends of the tubed wire together. If the wire is still loose, use bobby pins to fasten the tubed wire.

Step 4

Situate the chicken wire mold on a standard wooden stand.

Step 5

Cover the exposed wire with knit material or paper mache.

Step 6

Adjust the size of the bust by meshing the wire when and where necessary.

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