How to Make Your Own Wedding Tulle Net Sachet Bag

Tulle sachet bags are tremendously popular wedding items. They are perfect for wrapping bridal party gifts, guest take home gifts, treats, and even petals or rice for guests to throw. Making your own is a simple, inexpensive way to get exactly what you want. Use this basic, no-sew technique to make sachets. You can glue ribbon to the edges of the sachets for a pretty contrast. For a more finished look, sew a hem around the edge of the tulle or sew a ribbon to the edge.

Lay out the tulle netting on a table, cut out circles or squares large enough to contain whatever it is you want to put inside the sachet.

Lay the cut tulle out flat. If desired, glue on ribbon or petal embellishments to the tulle. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Pile the objects, such as petals, rice, candies, trinkets or keepsakes into the center of the tulle.

Gather up the free edges of the tulle to create a bag and tie closed with a piece of ribbon. If you are going to add an embellishment to the ribbon tie, tie it into the knot while making the bow. Embellishments you could use include ribbons, bows, plastic bells, rings, pearls and rhinestones.