How to Make Your Own Roller Skating Birthday Party Invitations

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

A roller skating party is exciting for youngsters who gather with their friends and spend the day on wheels. The party is easy for parents who choose a roller rink because they're allowed to skip out on supplying the party place and cleaning up after. For the creative family, making homemade roller skating birthday party invitations is not only fun, but also economical. Whether the party is on the pavement or in the rink, the homemade invitations add a personal touch.

Cut out the roller skate template. Lay it on the card stock and trace the shape with the pencil. Cut out the roller skate from the card stock, copying and cutting two roller skate images per one invitation.

Pair off the roller skate card stock images. Decorate the first roller skate with crayons, glitter, greetings or stickers. Set that skate aside and list the party information on the second roller skate.

Stack the decorated skate on top of the information skate, decorated side facing out and information facing in. Punch holes into the edge of the skate, at the back of the foot. Slide the brass fasteners through the hole starting at the front of the card. Flip over the card and spread the fasteners to hold the card together.

Open the card to make sure it resembles an invitation with the decorative part facing out and the information facing the reader as soon as the card is opened.