How to Make Your Own Loot Bags

5 bags image by Aleksey Bakaleev from

Giving loot bags to guests at the end of a birthday party is a polite way to say to children, “Thank you for coming.” Children look forward to peeking into their treat bags to discover what playful items they get to take home. Loot bags might contain small tokens with just a couple of gifts inside or just one large one. Customize loot bags by making your own. Whether it is a holiday event or birthday, homemade loot bags are a personal touch that kids and parents will appreciate.


Cut out two pieces of felt for each loot bag. Each felt piece should be 6 inches square. Use a ruler, pencil and scissors to measure the bags.

Heat up a hot glue gun. Glue three sides of the loot bag together. Do this by dabbing glue along three edges of one piece of fabric.

Press the second piece of felt on top of the glued felt. Even up the edges and press down well. Work quickly as the hot glue dries fast.

Allow the glue to sit for about two minutes.


Mark the spots you want to place the handles. Use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark in two spots on each side of felt. Measure in two inches from the left and make an “X.” Measure in two inches from the right and make an “X.” Do this on both sides.

Hole punch the four spots.

Cut two, 8-inch sections from the ribbon.

Slide one piece of ribbon through the two holes on one side of the bag. Knot the ribbon to keep it from slipping out of the bag.

Repeat this step for the other side. Trim away any excess ribbon from the handles.