How to Make Your Own Bachelorette Shirts

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Bachelorette parties give the bride a fun night before getting married. These parties usually involve members of the bridal party and the bride's closest girl friends. Creating homemade bachelorette shirts for the party helps to keep everyone feeling festive. It also lets the maid of honor show her creative side and gives all the women who attend the party a souvenir to remember the night.

Purchase several white t-shirts in various sizes. Check with everyone who plans on attending the party to see what size they want. Order these shirts ahead of time or buy them at a craft store so they are on hand the night of the party.

Purchase fabric markers, fake gemstones, glitter, a glue gun and glue sticks. Make sure to get a variety of colors so that every shirt looks unique.

Decorate each white shirt by writing words like “Bride to be” or “Maid of Honor” on it. Funny slogans and nicknames can also be written across the shirt. Get creative and use different colors for each member of the bridal party.

Use the glue gun to glue the fake gemstones onto the t-shirts. A variety of colors will add a real splash of decoration to the shirts.

Add glitter by using the glue gun to put glue on the shirt and then spreading glitter on the glue. This will bring additional sparkle if needed. The glitter will help to draw attention to the shirt and make it sparkle.