How to Make Your Own Aftershave Balm With Essential Oils Styles

Shaving your legs, face or orther areas can leave skin feeling smooth and sexy. However, shaving those sensitive areas can also cause irritation, bumps and razor burn. There are many lotions and ointments on the market made to help these skin problems, but they can be expensive and may have unpleasant fragrances. Instead, you can make your own balm using soothing essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Measure three cups of aloe vera gel into a medium mixing bowl. Aloe vera contains numerous amino acids, which form proteins and help heal your body's skin and other cells. Aloe vera also has a cooling effect, making it an ideal base for your aftershave balm. Aloe vera gel is available at most health food and natural food stores.

Pour six tablespoons of olive, sunflower or almond oil into the bowl with the aloe vera gel. Stir the gel and the oil until well-combined. The oil in your aftershave balm will help provide moisture and healing for your skin and make it feel soft and smooth.

Add drops of lavender essential oil into the mixture. Start with about 10 drops and see how you like the scent. If it is strong enough, you can continue to the next step. If you prefer a more prominent scent, add up to five more drops of essential oil. Lavender essential oil boasts both antifungal and antiseptic properties, which can help promote healthy skin.

Stir in a few drops of tea tree oil. This essential oil also helps heal cuts and scrapes and sooth minor burns. It can even cure fungal infections such as athlete's foot and acne, and may help with those stubborn ingrown hairs.

Spoon the aftershave balm into a lidded container. Keep in the refrigerator and apply with clean, dry hands to your legs, face, bikini area or anywhere else after you shave.

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