How to Make Your Legs Look Polished

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Many wish women wish they had smooth, shiny legs when they don a short skirt, pair of shorts or an attractive dress. In order to get that enviable look, proper care of your skin and a well-balanced diet are needed to make your legs look their best. Choosing the right products will nourish your skin, giving it a hydrated glow. Learn how to set up a daily routine to make your legs look and feel their best, whether you plan to show them off in public or just lounge around in your favorite pajamas.

Start with a clean surface. Invest in a moisturizing body wash and a loofah or bath sponge to clean off the daily grime and dead skin cells that accumulate on your legs. Lather up generously and work the scrubber over the entire surface of your skin.

Remove unwanted hair. Polished, smooth legs have no hair stubble. Invest in a razor with triple or quadruple blades to shave off leg hair or schedule a regular waxing session to pull out the stubble. Use a thick shaving cream or body wash to make shaving easier. If these methods produce razor burn or small bumps on your legs, consider using a hair removal cream or foam to disintegrate hair at the skin's surface.

Apply tanning lotion to give your legs some depth and avoid a ghost-white look. Instead, build up some color by using a light self-tanning cream. tan legs help cover up flaws, such as spider veins or dimples. Put on a pair of plastic gloves and spread an even layer of the tanning cream over your legs. Allow the cream to dry before putting on clothes.

Use moisturizing lotion on your legs often. Pick one that has nourishing compounds in it, such as aloe vera, jojoba oil or vitamin E, to keep your legs feeling soft. Apply the lotion daily for the best results.

Rub in some firming cream. Look for a firming lotion that contains caffeine. While the cream may not have long-term effects, it will help tighten and tone flabby areas for a few hours. Use the cream before you put on a miniskirt or other leg-revealing outfit.

Sprinkle on some shimmer for flawless-looking legs. Dust shimmer powder or apply a shimmery cream over your entire legs, starting at the top of the thigh and working your way down to your toes. Keep the shimmer minimal -- too much will look ostentatious. Use just enough to pick up the light in the room, making your legs look polished and smooth.