How to Make Your Hair Grow Back Lighter

The only way to make your hair grow back lighter is to damage the hair follicle. This can be achieved only through hair removal products that physically remove the hair from the follicle, such as wax, laser treatments and creams, and is only recommended for lightening unwanted body hair. With repeated use, the hair, when it does grow back, will appear lighter and thinner. There is no known way to make the hair on your head grow back lighter, although products abound that can naturally or chemically lighten it semi-permanently.

Purchase a hair removal product that will pull the hair from its root follicle. Waxes, creams and laser treatments should do the trick. Waxing can be done at home, although many recommend a professional do this since it is difficult to wax hard-to-reach-places. Laser hair removal must be done by a licensed professional.

Wait to use hair removal products until hair length is at least 1/4-inch long. But don't wait until it's too long--as hair that is longer than 1/2 inch is even more painful to remove.

Continue to use this product to remove your hair each time it grows back, every four to eight weeks.

Lengthen the amount of time between hair removal processes as hair takes longer and longer to grow back.

Notice that over time, and with repeated use, the hair will grow back lighter and thinner. The time frame varies from person to person, and depends on how much hair she had to begin.