How to Make Your Barbecue Stand Out

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Items you will need

  • Potato chips
  • Beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
  • Fruit and skewers
  • Kobe hot dogs
  • Burgers and all the fixings (including assorted cheeses)
  • Whole grain hot dog and burger buns

Summer means attending barbecues and maybe even hosting a few yourself. Here are some simple tips to make your barbecue the talk of your block.

Step 1

Substitute standard potato chips with blue corn tortilla chips or root vegetable multi-colored chips, not only are they prettier to look at, but they are more healthy.

Step 2

Create a signature cocktail using what you have. If you have vodka, for instance, mix it with club soda, an interesting juice such as pomegranate or blood orange, and add a pretty garnish such as mint. Mix champagne with peach, pear or mango nectar for a play on a Bellini.

Step 3

Instead of a bowl of fruit salad, make rainbow fruit skewers, layering the fruits in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Not only will it be nice to look at, but a great healthy summer treat!

Step 4

Replace classic hot dogs with Kobe hot dogs. If they're too pricey, make hot dogs and serve them with various unique mustards such as cranberry, honey and grain on whole grain buns.

Step 5

Make a homemade coleslaw by purchasing the brightly colored cabbage mix, combining it with your favorite vinaigrette, a dash of grain mustard and marinating.

Step 6

Grill classic burgers and top with blue cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato. Or try a twist on the classic burger by preparing salmon patties complete with dijon, lemon, salt and pepper. Mix fresh dill with mayonnaise and use as a condiment.

Step 7

Mix tuna with sesame oil, soy sauce, dijon, fresh or ground ginger, salt and pepper and black sesame seeds. Top with a mixture of wasabi and mayonnaise or buy an already-made wasabi mayo.

Step 8

Chop celery, carrots, radish, fresh herbs and pear tomatoes, then toss with a little bit of light vinaigrette and low fat dressing. This salad will keep fresh and not wilt.

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