How to Make Wrist Corsages


0:00 hello I'm crystal nazar with Tuscany

0:02 florists in Rancho Mirage California and

0:05 I'm going to show you how to make a

0:06 wrist corsage I've decided to use some

0:09 very sturdy flowers there's some vidiian

0:12 orchids and usually the rule of thumb is

0:16 three sets of three three roses three

0:20 carnations whatever flowers you want to

0:23 use so I'm going to cut three blooms and

0:27 I have this wire it's not too thick it's

0:34 a nice gauge I'm going to Center my

0:37 finger and just bend it over just like

0:41 that and I'm going to take my orchid and

0:45 I'm going to insert this in the center

0:48 of the orchid where the tongue is I'm

0:50 going to just stab it in the center and

0:53 try to get that wire on both sides of

0:56 the stem so very carefully just stick it

0:59 in don't be afraid and and I've stuck it

1:04 in perfectly so you have the wires on

1:07 both sides of the stem and I'm going to

1:09 stick it all the way through kind of

1:12 wiggle it pull it through don't break

1:14 that tongue and that's enough you want

1:18 to do that for all three orchid blooms

1:20 I've got the wire in and next I'm going

1:22 to tape each orchid so I've got my

1:26 floral tape it's not sticky on both

1:29 sides it just sticks to itself so you're

1:32 going to get your floral tape and then

1:34 pull it tight and that's how it'll stick

1:38 so start at the very top of the orchid

1:41 bloom hold it tight and then just start

1:45 wrapping it around so you're wrapping

1:49 the tape around the orchid stem trying

1:53 to keep the wire on both sides of the

1:56 stem just wrap it all the way down to

2:00 the bottom to the bottom of the wire and

2:04 then just pull it apart

2:07 now that you've wired all three

2:10 of your blooms and you've taped them you

2:16 can add a little bit of greenery you

2:19 don't want to put too much greenery

2:20 because you don't want them to be too

2:23 heavy just just cut a little some type

2:28 of greenery just to add some contrast

2:31 you don't have to wire it even and just

2:35 put it accenting the blooms just tape it

2:42 with the floral tape and it it'll stay

2:45 nice and tight you have your beautiful

2:52 orchid accented with the green leaf and

2:55 now you can just start assembling them

2:58 we have different wrist holders I'm

3:02 going to show you a few of them we have

3:05 a the typical what you see it's just got

3:09 the elastic and it slips just right on

3:13 your wrist it's very lightweight or you

3:17 can get real fancy and you can use

3:19 rhinestones this makes a lovely keepsake

3:23 for your mom or you know relative so

3:28 next I'm going to show you how to attach

3:31 the orchids to the holder first what

3:36 we'll do is combine them all together to

3:39 make one as though you would do a pin on

3:44 but we're not we're going to attach it

3:46 so we're not going to curl the we're

3:49 just going to twist the orchids together

3:53 with the taped wire how you want them

3:57 placed and you can bend them a little

4:01 bit because they're on wire so that's a

4:04 nice grouping of orchids and what we're

4:08 going to do is use our floral tape to

4:13 tape all the stems together okay now

4:16 that the stems are all wrapped together

4:18 they're nice and firm together I'm going

4:20 to attach it to this beautiful

4:22 rhinestone

4:23 older and comes with strings so that you

4:27 can tie it on so it's nice and secure

4:30 and we're going to tie it several times

4:34 at different places next I would accent

4:40 it with whatever color you think you

4:44 might like I use a floral glue and I

4:49 just put a little bit of glue down and

4:52 then just stick my stick my flower on

4:57 there it takes a couple of seconds to

4:59 dry so you have this beautiful corsage

5:04 not too heavy and then you can cut your

5:10 strings and twist your wire when you're

5:16 finished so that it's not poking anybody

5:18 I'm Krystal nazar with Tuscany florist

5:21 and I just showed you how to make a

5:24 wrist corsage