How to Make Wishing Well Card Holders for a Wedding Reception

Luxury handmade wedding card element (toned in blue) image by Andrejs Pidjass from

A wedding reception card holder is one of the most important of all reception decorations, as nearly every guest will admire it as they pass their greeting cards through. Let your personal style shine by creating your own. A popular card holder choice is the wishing well version. A wishing well card holder is thought to bring good luck to the bride and groom as the envelopes drop through. Make your wishing well card holder as simple or elaborate as you wish. Allow plenty of time, plan your budget and invite your family and friends to help.

Center the smaller hat box over the larger hat box. With a pencil, trace the smaller box on the lid of the larger one.

Use the utility knife to cut a complete circle from the larger hat box, leaving about one inch between the cut edge and pencil tracing.

Cut out the entire bottom from the smaller hat box.

Apply glue lightly around the entire cut edge of the smaller box; center and place it over the larger box, pressing gently with fingers to adhere. Allow glue to dry completely.

Cut an opening in the center of lid of the smaller box, big enough for greeting cards to pass easily through.

Spray paint the constructed hat box wishing well with white acrylic paint. Allow to dry completely. Apply a second and third coat if needed.

Insert two craft wires (about one inch apart) into the edge of the top lid of the wishing well. Form an arch of desired height (generally 12 to 18 inches at highest point of arch), cut the wires, then insert the ends into the the opposite side of the top lid. Place a bead of craft glue where each wire meets lid, to secure.

Entwine silk vines and flowers around the wires.

Glue strings of beads, pearls, flowers or ribbon to decorate your wishing well card holder.