How to Make Wine Glass Bows for a Wedding

conical wine glass for white wine image by Arkady Ten from

The head table at a wedding often sports wine glasses for the bride and groom, as well as the rest of the bridal party. These wine glasses can be plain or fancy, decorated or undecorated. Decorating the wine glasses yourself helps you to save money on your wedding preparations and plans. Adding a bow to the wine glass stem creates a flair of elegance to any wine glass, simple or elaborate. You can even tie the bow yourself to save more money.

Buy ribbon that matches the wedding's theme colors. Ribbon with the same finish as the dresses, such as velvet and silk, creates a better match.

Start 1-to-2 inches from the end of the ribbon and create a loop measuring approximately 1 inch. The exact size of the loop does not matter, but keep it consistent. You do not want a bow that looks too big, so check the loop size against the glass. The finished bow will be twice as wide as the loop.

Create more loops until you have the desired fullness of the bow. You will want at least six loops, but there is no limit within reason.

Tie the middle of the bow with a small piece of the wire, holding all of the loops in place.

Fan the loops out one by one to create a round bow. Arrange them until you are satisfied with their appearance.

Cut the ribbon at the end attached to the roll to match the length of the other tail.

Attach each bow to the wine glass stem, just below the glass, using another piece of the wire. Glue a piece of the ribbon around the glass to prevent the wire from being seen.