How to Make Wigs With Hair Extensions

Joe Corrigan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

High quality wigs can be purchased in beauty supply or wig stores. Virtually indistinguishable from actual human hair, they can be relatively expensive. You can cut costs by creating your own wig using hair extension wefts. Hair extension wefts come in all different colors, lengths, textures and qualities. Remy extensions are made from human hair but are typically inexpensive and come in a lot of varieties. Synthetic hair extensions are even cheaper. Using only a few tools, creating a handmade wig from hair extension wefts is not too difficult.


Place the wig cap on your head and, using the marker, mark the areas where the ears begin.

Position the wig cap on a Styrofoam wig block or mannequin head, pulling the cap so that the back is taut. Hold the wig cap in place with ball pins.

Take one end of the weft and pin it to one ear marker. Then, wrap the weft around the back of the wig cap to the opposite ear marker. Pin it in place and cut away the excess weft.

Stick a pin through the middle of the weft at the back of the mannequin head so that the extension stays in place and does not bubble when sewing.


Use a curved sewing needle to sew the weft into place. The curve in the needle will allow you to sew without having to lift the wig cap. Every five to ten stitches, create a knot so that the stitching stays tight and secure.

Continue sewing wefts from ear to ear from the bottom up until you get half way up the back of the head.

Place the wig cap on your head. Wrap a weft in a horseshoe shape around the crown of the head, safety pinning the ends into place at the front of the wig cap. Make sure the weft is high enough so that the lace front wig closure will cover it when attached. Place the wig cap on the block and stick a pin through the middle part of the weft, then sew into place.

Clip the top weft up and away from the blank area of the wig cap. Begin filling in the empty space of the wig cap with wefts, sewing them into place, from the middle of the back of the mannequin head up to the top weft.

Place the wig cap on your head. Position the lace front wig closure at the top of the wig cap until it is in the desired area. This positioning will differ depending on whether the wig wearer wants bangs or not.

Safety pin the closure into place, then remove the wig cap and place it on the wig block. Sew the closure onto the wig cap to complete the wig.