How to Make Whipped Body Lotion

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on expensive body lotions that contain harsh chemicals and preservatives, you can make your own with a few simple ingredients that will work just as well as the most expensive creams, but cost a whole lot less. This recipe is for a deliciously fragrant body cream that will keep your skin hydrated from head to toe.

Purchase the essential ingredients from major makeup wholesalers. You can buy some of these products, like the extra virgin olive oil, from an organic foods store. You can also find all of these products online.

Combine 1/2 ounce extra virgin olive oil, 1/3 ounce virgin coconut oil, 1/4 ounce emulsifying wax, one teaspoon cocoa butter and half teaspoon stearic acid in a glass jar or Pyrex cup. Place the cup in a hot water bath to melt the waxes.

Place 2.2 ounces of rose hydrosol in a separate Pyrex cup or glass jar and place in a hot water bath for about 15 minutes.

Combine the batches from steps 2 and 3, and stir. Use an electric mixer to whip the mixture for about 10 minutes until you have a nice, creamy consistency.

Pour the finished whipped body lotion into glass jars for future use. Refrigerate your creations to prolong their shelf life. To use, apply all over your body concentrating on rough spots.