How to Make Tux & Wedding Dress Bottle Covers

A personalized and unique wedding reception will be one you and your guests will remember for a long time. Paying attention to little details and adding a bit of your own creativity can really make a difference. Of course you can spend a ton of money purchasing these special touches at bridal boutiques, but you can make them just as easily. One idea is to have a couple of bottles of wine or champagne at each table for guests to fill their glasses for a toast. Instead of leaving the bottles bare, embellish them with little bride and groom outfits that are fun and easy to make.

Choose the fabric that will make up the tuxedo and the dress. A black and white satin or lace would work perfectly. Measure the circumference of the bottle and the height of the bottle from the bottom to the point where it starts getting narrower. Cut out rectangles of each fabric that will cover the wide section of the bottle. Leave about a half-inch of extra fabric on the height of the rectangle and about four inches extra in the width. Finish off the edges by turning them under a quarter of an inch and either sewing or using fabric glue to hold it.

Wrap the black swatch of fabric around a wine bottle. Fold down the top two corners of the fabric and then overlap the ends. These folded-down corners will form the lapels of the suit jacket. Use a dot of hot glue to hold each folded lapel in place and add a few dots where the ends overlap to form the jacket. Do the same steps for the bridal gown, with one exception. Instead of folding the corners over top, fold them and tuck them on the underside of the dress. This will make it look like a V neckline.

Add embellishments once the tuxedo is in place. Create a little bow tie out of fabric or ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the bottle. Add little buttons to the tux with the hot glue gun. You can add details such as a little pocket or a boutonniere-- just pick out a tiny silk flower and glue it on. For an extra touch, make or buy a little black top hat to put on top of the bottle.

Next, dress up the bride bottle. You can add little pearl beads to the back or front of the dress. If you want to add a bit more of a skirt to the dress, cut a length of tulle a couple times longer than the circumference of the bottle. Form the skirt by making a quick line of stitching at the top edge of the tulle and pulling the fabric to make it gather. Then secure the skirt with a few dots of hot glue. Form other details, like a string of tiny beads for a necklace or a little piece of tulle as a veil.