How to Make Suspenders With a Belt

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Add a bold, sophisticated accessory to your wardrobe with a pair of suspenders. A stylish alternative to belts, suspenders can dress up a basic outfit and add personality to formal wear. If you’d like to give suspenders a try without spending too much money, or if you simply can’t find a pair you like, making them with belts you already own will deliver on both style and cost.

Cut off the belt buckles from both belts.

Clamp two suspender clips onto the front of your pants and the remaining two to the back of your pants, parallel from each other.

Place one belt over your shoulder. If it is not long enough to cross your back diagonally to make an X, place it straight over your shoulder. Pull the belt through the suspender clip ring on the front of your pants. Loop it through and insert a safety pin to secure the belt to the clip.

Pull the belt hanging down your back through the suspender clip ring behind you, in the same direction you’ve done the front side, and secure it with a safety pin. The belt should lay snug across your shoulder to keep from falling. Both ends of the belt should now be attached to a suspender clip with safety pins.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the second belt, resulting in two belts attached to the four suspender clips.

Mark where the belts crisscross behind you (if they were long enough) by inserting a safety pin through both belts. Carefully remove all the suspender clips with belts attached from your pants.

Sew a horizontal stitch where all the safety pins are inserted. Sew all the seams so they face in the same direction.