How to Make Steak Butter


0:06 hi I'm chef David Nelson from culinary

0:08 Hall of Fame calm and I'm going to show

0:10 you how to make steak butter I've got a

0:13 pan on the stove here with a tablespoon

0:16 of butter in it I'm going to add the

0:18 three cloves of garlic chopped or minced

0:21 and just let that soften up

0:30 while that's softening I'm going to add

0:32 some herbs to this soft room-temperature

0:37 butter 1/2 stick so I've got some

0:40 rosemary here strip off the stem

0:51 some fresh thyme keep an eye on your

0:56 butter you don't want that to brown your

0:59 guy like a brown you want to just be

1:00 soft and get that nice flavor into the

1:04 butter yeah a little curly or a flat

1:14 leaf parsley for color and a juice from

1:27 half a lemon I'm going to squeeze that

1:29 over my hand just to catch any seeds

1:32 because you don't want to be biting into

1:33 a seed in your steak butter catch the

1:42 seeds okay now I'm going to add about a

1:49 teaspoon of salt because I'm using

1:51 unsalted butter nice healthy pinch of

1:57 cayenne and about Oh half a teaspoon of

2:01 black pepper okay my garlic is nice and

2:07 soft

2:08 good color just barely turning blonde

2:14 I'm going to pour that in and mash

2:22 together my ingredients

2:54 all right now we have to chill this

2:57 butter before we can slice it obviously

3:00 I can't slice this so now I'm going to

3:04 need some saran wrap and bring that over

3:08 here we're going to roll it up because

3:16 we got to chill it

3:36 okay and we'll set that in a

3:38 refrigerator and for three hours or

3:40 overnight and it'll be ready for slicing

3:44 when your steak is ready after its set

3:54 up it'll look like this and you'll take

3:58 your knife and slice about a third of an

4:04 inch thick slices probably two for the

4:07 top of a nice steak as soon as it comes

4:12 off the grill set it on top or your pork

4:15 chop and you'll have a fantastic steak

4:19 so now you know how to make steak butter

4:21 chef David Nelson signing off

4:29 you