How to Make Soy Body Lotion

How to Make Soy Body Lotion. Making your own bath and body products not only saves money, but allows you to customize the exact ingredients for perfect, personalized results. It's easy to make your own soy body lotion at home; just follow these simple steps. Lots of variations exist, so be creative with your additives and ingredients to create the best combination for your skin.

Purchase a quality, unscented soy lotion base. These can be found at the best prices and in bulk online at websites such as and High in vitamin E and other natural antioxidants, soy delivers a luxurious, soft feel and helps keep skin youthful.

Choose your fragrance. Soy bases can be mixed with just about any essential oil or fragrance safe for skin. Select an essential oil based on your skin needs. For example, jasmine, lavender and rosewood are great for dry skin while peppermint, juniper and grapefruit aid oily skin and chamomile sensitive skin. Essential oils can be found in abundance online and in many health and beauty stores.

Add the essential oil to your lotion base. Essential oils are very powerful. As a general rule, you will need one ounce of oil per gallon of lotion. Some soy lotions are thicker than others; if needed, heat the lotion on a stovetop to thin it while adding oil.

Store your lotion in convenient bottle for use. Ensure it has a cap for closure.