How to Make Skinhead Bleachers (Bleached Pants)

This is an easy tutorial on how to bleach your jeans to get that vicious bleached camo look that punks and skinheads often wear. Perfect for a night of aggro or just a trip down the pub.

Take your bucket and fill it with bleach.

Take your jeans and ball them up into a very tight compact ball. Tie them up with something so they stya in a tight ball. Submerge your jeans in the bucket for three to five hours. You could also tie the ball up with some string and just dunk it in if you like. The longer you let them sit under the water/bleach solution the lighter the bleached spots will be.

Remove your jeans and rinse them off well with cold water. Let them dry and then wash them. Now you should have some very sharp looking jeans.