How to Make Simple Lingerie Shower Cookies

Are you hosting a lingerie shower? Learn how to make these adorable cookies to match your theme. Use them at the lingerie shower, or as shower favors to take home. So cute and trendy, guests love how they look almost as good as the taste.

Make some sugar cookies. The cookies should be heart shaped, even if you use store bought cookie mix. Make sure you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Make sugar cookie icing for your lingerie shower cookies. Pink and black are the colors you need for the cookies here, but you can use any color. It's a good idea to prepare the icing the night before the lingerie shower.

Once you have the icing, pour it into a ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle, because it's easier to work with.

If you do not know how to make sugar cookie icing, please see Additional Resources below.

Decorate the cookies for the lingerie shower.

For the bra: Turn the cookies upside down, so that the point is at the top. Halfway down the cookie, make a deep v shape, coming to a point just above where the heart halves. After the lines are put on, fill in the bra with your chosen color, in this case, black.

Dot the pink icing on the bra, as well as on the trim. Make sure to add the bow to the middle. Allow the icing to dry several for several hours before the lingerie shower.

To make the panties:

Turn the cookies upside down again and make a curved line at the halfway point of the cookie. It should only be curved slightly. This is for the top of the pantie.

Now for each side: Start below the curved line you just made, leaving room to fill in. Draw a rainbow shaped curve, downward, until it ends just on each side of where the center of the heart is.

Fill in with black. Dot the pink icing around the edges of the legs and just on the inside of the pantie on top. Allow the cookie icing to dry for several hours.

Enjoy your lingerie shower with matching cookies.