How to Make Simple and Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts

by Contributor ; Updated October 17, 2017

Make Simple and Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts


When it comes to teachers, show them that they are at the head of the class with one of these simple gifts for teacher appreciation day or for the end of the school year.

Make a candy bar thank you: Either open up a Word document to make a simple certificate or search online for a blank one. Add the words "I wanted to thank you a million, but all I have is 100 Grand!" Have your child sign and tape the candy bar somewhere on the certificate.

Attach a note to a flower seed packet that reads the following: "If teachers were flowers, I would pick you." Use a fancy edge scissors to cut out the note and attach it with raffia for a rustic touch.

Make sure to take a picture of your child and their teacher together at some point during the school year, preferably toward the end of the year, or near teacher appreciation week. Either purchase a magnetic photo frame or make one. Using a juice can cover as the base, cut out flower petals out of whatever color construction paper you or your child chooses and glue them around the juice lid to make a flower. Take a mini muffin paper liner or regular sized muffin paper liner and cut out the photo to glue into the inside of the muffin liner. Now add the muffin liner with the photo to the inside of the flower petals. Add a magnet to the back of the juice can to hang. You can also decorate the flower petals with glitter glue, beads or any other embellishments you choose.


  • Make sure to have your child date and sign any gift you give

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