How to Make Shoes Look New Again

How to Make Shoes Look New Again. If you have a favorite pair of shoes that look old and worn, you might wonder how you can make those shoes look new again. Just because a pair of shoes has seen better days doesn't mean that the shoes have to end up in the trash. You can make shoes look new again if you know what to do.

Shine your shoes with shoe polish. This works especially well on leather shoes. Select a shoe polish that matches the color of your shoes and apply the polish to your shoes with a sponge or a soft cloth. Cover up scuff marks and scratches as well as any areas on your shoes that appear dull. Buff any excess polish from the shoes with a soft cloth and allow the polish to dry completely before wearing.

Wash the shoes by hand with a towel, soap and water. Scrub off any dirt on the shoes to make the shoes look new again. You can do this with both leather and canvas shoes. Let the shoes air dry before wearing.

Purchase new shoelaces. If your shoes have laces that appear dirty or frayed, a new pair of shoelaces can make your shoes look new again.

Take your shoes to a shoe repair shop. If your shoes have a worn out sole or heel, consider having it replaced. A new sole, heel or heel caps placed at the base of the heel can make a shoe look like new.

Buff your shoes with a buffing sponge or cloth. Some shoe stores sell a buffing sponge or cloth designed specifically for buffing shoes. You can use these products to buff away scuff marks and to give your shoes a new shiny look.