How to Make Rock Climbing Party Invitations for Kids

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Rock climbing birthday parties provide a safe environment for active kids. Indoor rock climbing facilities offer trained professionals to help the children climb rock walls with safety gear. Celebrate the theme by making your own rock climbing party invitations for kids. Feature a rock climbing wall on the exterior of the invite and add pertinent information inside. The simple craft can be done by beginner crafters using their home computers.

Download a rock climbing clip art file from a website, such as Clipart Of or Clipart Guide, onto your computer. Open up your design software or word processing software.

Set the size of your project as a 4-by-5-inch invitation. Open up the clipart file and paste it to your invitation. Adjust the size so it fits the parameters of the invite. Edit the colors if necessary.

Print out a test sheet onto regular printer paper using your computer's printer. Examine the colors and composition of the invitation's cover.

Print out the rock climbing party invitations onto the 4-by-5-inch blank invites once you are satisfied with your layout. Print out a few extra than you need, just in case you invite more guests.

Write on the inside of the card something that relates to rock climbing, such as "Rock out with us for Robert's 8th birthday," with a pen. Add the location of the facility, time, date and your telephone number to RSVP.