How to Make Retirement Gag Gifts

Say goodbye to a retiring coworker with gag gifts. Although you can purchase gag gifts, make your own to add a personal touch.


Using your computer, type a message such as, "I'm Retired, This Is As Dressed Up As I Get." Set your font size to at least 26.

In the properties dialog box for your printer, select "mirror image" so the image will show up correctly on the shirt. Print the message onto one of the T-shirt transfer sheets.

Place the transfer sheet, print side down, in the center of the the front of the T-shirt. Using a hot, dry iron, iron on the transfer according the the directions on the transfer package.

Piggy Bank

Purchase a plain ceramic piggy bank that your coworker might like, such as one shaped like a football for a sports fan.

Paint or write a funny message across the bank such as, "The New 401K." Allow to dry.

Make the bank more attractive by decorating the remaining surface.

Wood Plaque

Paint the front and back of a wood plaque. Allow to dry.

Paint a message on the plaque, such as "No job! No boss! No way! I'm Retired!" Allow to dry.

Cut the ribbon into a 5-inch strip. Insert the ribbon into the center hole and tie the ends together.