How to Make Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces

How to Make Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces. If you're planning a rehearsal dinner, select centerpieces that will improve the appearance of the tables. You can have fun and save money by making the centerpieces yourself. Your dinner tables can showcase flowers, candles or anything that you feel will compliment the table. The options are endless, so be creative and choose table decorations that align with the style and theme of the event. The right creation will add character and ambiance to the dinner.

Make Candle Centerpieces

Place the mirrors at the center of each table.

Place candles on each mirror. Make sure that each table features a large, medium and small pillar candle.

Arrange the candles together in the center of the mirror in a way that showcases the different sizes.

Add a few flowers to the base of the pillar candles to add color and to help tie the centerpieces to the central theme of the rehearsal dinner.

Light the candles to complete the centerpiece. The soft glow will reflect off the mirror to create a romantic display for your tables.

Make Flower Centerpieces

Choose flowers that compliment the style of the event. Rehearsal dinner flowers can match the wedding colors or take on a style of their own.

Prepare flowers for display by trimming the stems. Make sure to leave just enough of the stem to ensure the flower top will sit just above the rim of the vase or bowl.

Remove thorns from the stems if displaying roses. Young guests may try to remove a rose from the arrangement and will prick themselves if the rose has thorns.

Fill the vase or bowl with the trimmed flowers.

Continue to fill the container until the finished centerpiece is a rounded, dense bouquet of flowers.