How to Make Printable Motorcycle Invitations

by Alexis Lawrence ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, like other enthusiasts, you may want to incorporate your motorcycle into everything that you do in life. People have been known to integrate their motorcycle madness into invitations for birthday parties, retirement bashes and even their wedding invitations. Showcase your motorcycle love by creating some printable motorcycle invitations on your personal computer.

Take a photograph of your motorcycle or find a motorcycle photograph. The photograph should be in digital format, such as JPEG or GIF. Online stock photo agencies, such as iStock Photo, have photos of just about everything, or you may be able to find some free photos on sites like Flickr.

Open your design program and select an invitation template. Microsoft Publisher is one of the easiest design programs to use for creating invitations. Invitation cards will come up as a choice in the publication types list that automatically appears when you start the program. You can also create invitations in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word by downloading the invitation template at the Microsoft website.

Select a design theme. In Publisher, you can choose a basic theme for your invitation, such as "Business" or "Party." If you are creating your invitation in a word processing software, you can still add photos and designs to create your own theme.

Customize the invitation’s appearance. The pictures and colors in the invitation template are just placeholders. You can replace any photo on the invitation just by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Change Picture." Click on "From file…" and choose the motorcycle photograph. Under the "Customize" menu, you can choose a new font and color scheme.

Add text. The invitation theme will have standard text. You can change this text to specific information about your event. Just select the text and type over it. When you have the card completely customized to your event, the invitation can be printed.


  • Use cardstock or invitation paper stock for a more professional look than ordinary paper. If you don't have a word processing program on your computer, most local libraries will have computers available with word processing software installed.

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