How to make Popcorn Rice

Pretty damned easy to do! If you're poor, Chinese, or just dying to have a unique tasting rice treat, here's the how-to guide to creating the little heard of Popcorn Rice. What is Popcorn Rice? Glad you asked. It is rice heated at a high temperature, causing the insides to "pop", revealing the same texture as popcorn. It is very crunchy, and tasty! I'll teach you how to make it.

Set your house on fire! No, don't do that. Start up that frying pan over stove-top, slap on a tea-spoon full of Olive Oil, and toss in that rice. Normally, a tea-spoon full is the proper amount, however, you can add or subtract that amount depending on the amount of rice. Don't put too much, or your rice will become very greasy! Unless you're in Mexico, you won't want that.

Stir your rice about. Stir often. Your rice color should turn brown, heated, and yummers! Stir your rice enough not to blacken it, however, be sure that it does pop. Raw rice is crunchy and disgusting! Yuck! Stir for maybe a good 5 minutes tops, or until you can see the rice has popped. At this point in time, you can add your seasoning. My advice is LEMON LUCUS. Say what!? Yeah, that good delicious tasting stuff. It's no longer in the US as far as I know, but you can also substitute it with Twang Beer Salt. Salt is also doable, but not as tasty. Other than that, lemon seasoning works best. All other seasonings are doable as well.

Should you be attempting to a more "spicy" flavor, you can do this...Add a pinch of Tabasco Sauce before cooking. Add the Tabasco Sauce into the Olive Oil in order to add an entire feeling of spicy in your treat.

Maybe you don't like spicy, or tangy...Well, then you're a freak. Stop reading, and join the circus. Or...Maybe you're not a freak, and you enjoy "sweet"... Well, there's also a way to do this. It's mostly the exact same way you'd add spicy into the mix. However, it is STRONGLY advised that you do this after the rice has been added into the mix. Do this with a very small pinch of melted honey. Melting the honey is simple, and if it doesn't melt while cooking, you can pretend you're a drug addict, and add honey on a spoon, for a quick melt. Just toss it all over the rice. When it's done, it will be a crunchy Popcorn texture with either a sweet, tangy, or spicy flavor. If you're a dare devil, do all three! >:D