How to Make Plumeria Wedding Bouquets

Courtesy of Photobucket.

Plumerias are a beautiful flower for weddings, especially in the summer. You do not need a fancy florist to create your ideal bouquet. Arrange a collection of plumerias tied in silk ribbon of your desired color to carry down the aisle. It is a simple process, and you will take pride in knowing that you created your own plumeria wedding bouquet.

Pick 10 plumerias for your bouquet. Make sure they are fresh and crisp, vibrantly colored and roughly the same size.

Trim the ends of the plumerias to make the stems as long as you desire, but make sure they are all evenly cut at an angle. Do a test to make sure the stems are long enough: Hold the plumerias in a bunch with both hands, as you would a bouquet, and make sure that there is at least 5 inches of flower stem below your hands.

Arrange the flowers as you choose, making some lower or higher than others. Make sure to create the bouquet exactly as you want it to be for the wedding, as once you wrap it with the wire and ribbons you cannot change it.

Take the flower wrapping wire (available at most craft and flower stores) and put the end of it 2 inches down from the bottom of the plumerias. Start wrapping the wire tightly around the stems, slowly working downwards. Keep wrapping until you run out of wire, then secure the end by tucking it into the last wrap. Make sure the flowers are securely bundled so none fall out or to the side.

Choose the color of silk or satin ribbon you want to wrap around the stems of the plumerias. Cut the 8 ft of ribbon into 4 equal pieces of 2 ft each.

Take the first piece of ribbon, and place the end of it where you first began wrapping the wire. Dab hot glue to the wire and firmly press the ribbon onto it. Let it dry. Wrap the ribbon around the wire in a downwards motion. When you get to the point where there is only 2 inches of ribbon left, dab hot glue to the ribbon and secure it, so the last 2 inches are hanging freely.

Take the second piece of ribbon, and use the hot glue to secure it to the first ribbon, about 1inch below where the first ribbon was glued. Repeat Step 5 with the second, third and fourth ribbon. There should be four pieces dangling once you are done. Arrange these pieces how you desire, gluing and trimming the edges if necessary.