How to Make Pirate Boot Tops

Pirate boots are a stylish addition to your wardrobe and not just for costume parties. Pirate boots differ from any other pair of tall boots by adding a fold over, laced cuff to the top of the boot. If you would like a pair of pirate boots for your personal wardrobe, you don't have to buy a new pair of boots. You can simply add a pair of pirate boot tops to any tall pair of boots that you already own.

Measure the opening of your boot. The top of your boot top will be the same size as the top of your boot.

Turn your leather upside down and draw out your pattern with chalk. Draw a straight line across the back of the leather the same length as the opening of your boot. At least 4 to 5 inches below that line, draw a parallel line that extends 1 inch further on either side than your first line. Connect the ends of the two lines with diagonal lines. You should now have the image of a trapezoid. Cut this trapezoid out.

Hem the piece. Fold the leather over 1/4 inch on the two short ends and on the longer side. Sew into place. The side that is the same side as your boot opening does not need to be hemmed.

Attach grommets. Measure the diagonal ends of the piece. Make four small marks equal distances apart. If you made your piece 4 inches tall, your marks will be about 3/4 inch apart. The marks should be about 3/4 inch in from the edge. Grommets are most easily put in with a grommet tool, but they can be placed by making a small hole, pressing the grommet into the hole and placing the washer on the back. Just make a small snip with the scissors and work the grommet into place. Grommets will hold up better than eyelets, which have no washer.

Attach the boot top to your existing boots. Fold the boot top, the only edge that wasn't hemmed, into the top of the boot. Fold over ½ inch and sew into place. If your boot top opens flat, you can do this with a sewing machine, but it may be easier with a thick needle and thread. If you have a boot that opens in the front, you will be able to sew the boot top on completely. If you have a boot that opens somewhere else, for instance a side zipper, attach the boot top all the way around to the zipper and leave the rest unattached. When you wear the boots, just zip up the boot, then tuck the edge of the boot top in. You can place a small safety pin under the boot top cuff to hold the top into place.

Add laces. Thread a lace through the grommets on each boot and tie up.