How to Make Pasta Using a Pasta Machine

Making pasta at home is a simple process whether you use an electric or a manual pasta machine. Most pasta machines come with a variety of dies, which allow different types of pasta to be made.

For a Manual Machine

Mix the ingredients according to the recipe for the type of pasta you wish to make. Recipes for different types of pasta are usually included with the pasta machine and others can be found with a simple Internet search.

Pinch off or cut raw pasta dough into pieces that will fit the rollers of your pasta machine. Set dough rollers to the highest setting. Feed the dough into the rollers by turning the crank on the side of the machine.

Lower the roller settings on each pass of the dough until desired thickness is achieved.

Move the hand crank to the die rollers. Feed the dough into the die and crank the rollers to form the pasta.

Stack or hang the pasta on a drying rack or pan to dry. Pasta can be used immediately or frozen for later use.

For an Electric Pasta Maker

Prepare pasta dough according to recipe directions.

Pinch off pasta dough into sizes that fit the hopper of your pasta machine.

Use one hand to feed the machine and the other to catch the pasta as it is extruded from the die. Use the provided plunger to push the dough into the pasta die.

Hang or stack to finished pasta to dry using a rack or pan. Cook immediately or freeze for later use.