How to Make Paper Earrings

Jewelry making is enjoyed by many people. In fact, it is fast becoming a very popular hobby with not only the hobby itself being popular, but also consumers are delighting in the many artisan pieces that jewelry-makers are able to create.

The unique nature of handmade jewelry sets it apart from other mass-made jewelry commonly available in stores.

Here is something new and different to try if you like to make jewelry. Paper earrings combine the art of Origami and jewelry making! This is a fast, easy project, utilizing general jewelry-making materials, that can be completed by novice and pro alike.

Making Paper Earrings

Choose bright and colorful Origami paper and cut 25 3-inch x 1-inch pieces. Each piece must now be folded in half length-wise two times creating 25 1/4-inch by 3-inch pieces of Origami paper.

Fold each piece in half width-wise to make a sharp crease down the middle. Reopen the pieces.

Next, take ten or twelve (enough for both earrings) of the folded pieces and fold the edges in toward this center crease to make the edges meet in the middle at the crease. Do not overlap the edges. This creates a tiny V in the paper.

Make a small hole in the center of a V shaped paper and slide the two ends of one of the V shapes through this hole in the second V shape. This is creating a chain of papers. Repeat to make a chain as long as desired but it should be at least five chains long.

Make a small hole at the end of the chain. This is where the jump ring will be attached. Attach the jump ring using the needle-nose pliers, and then attach the earring finding to the jump ring.

If using the optional beads and wire, cut off a two-inch length of beading wire. Slide the bead(s) onto the wire and secure the bead(s) on the wire by twisting several times.

Now make a second small hole at the opposite end of the paper chain and insert the wire and very carefully twist it onto the paper chain so that it is secured. This step must be done very carefully to avoid tearing the paper chain.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 exactly to make the second earring.