How to Make Pad Thai


0:06 I'm chef egg with cooking with egg TV at

0:09 a Baltimore Maryland and I'm going to

0:11 teach you guys at home how to make pad

0:12 thai

0:15 we're going to start out with some

0:17 beautiful brown rice noodles stir fry

0:20 that with a little bit of garlic and

0:21 scrambled egg make a beautiful sauce

0:24 with 3 tablespoons of lime juice 2

0:27 tablespoons of white sugar a tablespoon

0:29 of fish sauce fresh jalapenos and some

0:35 beautiful tamarind paste and then we're

0:37 going to top our dish off with a quarter

0:39 cup of green onions quarter cup of

0:42 peanuts about a third of a cup both of

0:45 red bell peppers fresh crunchy bean

0:48 sprouts and then we're going to top

0:50 everything off with some awesome fresh

0:52 cilantro all you need to cook these

0:54 brown rice noodles is to put them in

0:56 some hot water and let them soak for

0:58 about five minutes now it's time to

1:01 create our homemade pad thai sauce we're

1:04 going to start out with some of our lime

1:05 juice it's going to give us our sour

1:07 flavor and we're going to balance that

1:09 out with some sugar and we're going to

1:12 add some fish sauce and it's going to

1:14 give our sauce a really wonderful depth

1:16 of flavor we've got some hot jalapenos

1:21 we're going to add some tamarind paste

1:23 now this ruby-colored paste comes from

1:27 northern African and Asian cuisine it's

1:30 actually a little berry that they cooked

1:32 down and this is going to give our pad

1:33 thai a really beautiful color so mix

1:37 this up until the sugar is dissolved so

1:42 our pad thai noodles have soaked for

1:44 five minutes if you overcook them they

1:46 can get really really gelatinous so what

1:49 we do so we take them out after five

1:50 minutes rinse them under cold running

1:52 water to get all that extra starch off

1:54 and then you've got these beautiful

1:55 noodles that we have right here and now

1:57 it's time to walk and roll so what we're

2:00 going to do is put our walk over medium

2:02 heat add a little vegetable oil about

2:04 two tablespoons looking good we're going

2:08 to toss in some garlic let that cook for

2:11 a minute we're going to crack an egg

2:13 right in our walk and start to scramble

2:16 it up

2:19 and now let's beautiful throw in our

2:25 rice noodles toss these around for a

2:30 minute let them cook through and now

2:40 we're going to pour in our sauce get all

2:45 that tamarind in there and just cook

2:49 this for a minute we want the noodles to

2:52 be slightly glazed with the sauce smells

2:58 awesome take our plate over here great

3:04 there we go put some pad thai on that

3:07 plate now the pad thai alone would be

3:11 fantastic but when you top it off with

3:14 some green onions a little red bell

3:17 pepper bean sprouts and my favorite the

3:22 peanuts you've got something really

3:25 fantastic but we're not quite done

3:27 because we're going to do a little

3:29 squeeze a lime right on top and do some

3:33 fresh chopped cilantro right on top I'm

3:42 chef egg and that's how you make pad

3:44 thai

3:56 you