How to Make Money Sewing and Selling Handmade Purses

I started sewing handbags a few years ago when I saw a woman set up at a flea market selling her handmade purses. I was set up two tables down from her and watched how many people stopped and purchased her Kool-Aid bags. At that time these bags where so popular and since then she still is set up at the flea market and still is popular with her cute purses. Well I have a sewing bug in me and thought I can do this too. So read on to see how to make selling your handmade purses possible.

First you need to make up your inventory. Sew, sew and sew some more. The more purses, handbags, wristlets etc you have to display the better. I had left the flea market and returned a year letter to sell my purses and hadn't seen the purse lady in all that time. When I did see her she had expanded her flea market space and had what appeared to be over 200 purses displayed. I was amazed at how nice her booth was. I must say she wasn't the friendliest person to talk with if she thought you would take her idea but her husband was a talker. I politely commented on how nice their display was and asked how and when they found time to make all of those purses. He was glad to share that they both did the sewing. When they came home from work they would set up in front of the television and this was their quality time.

Research places to sell your purses. Flea markets, Craft fairs, putting them in local stores and selling them online at places like and eBay are all good places to sell.

Car magnets-get a car magnet with your business name and what you do and stick it on your car. Get the word out there that you make handbags. I must say I am not a fan of purses but since making purses I have learned that women love purses and they love to have one made for them

Let your co-workers in on it. I sold the bulk of my purses at my job. When it was known that I made purses I received all types of request to have a purse made. I was approached by men to make a purse for their wife especially around the holidays

Make a label and take Photos. You can make your own label to put in your handbags or you can get them professionally done, but make sure they include your business name, website and/or phone number. Make a photo album of all your purses to take with you. Whenever you are asked about what types of purses you make present your book and watch the orders come in. This is something I wish I did sooner. I would make the purse to order and give it to my customer without taking a picture. Take it from me don't make the same mistake.