How to Make Lavender Bath Salts

There is nothing more relaxing than a bath with salts. Salts ease stress, relax muscles, reduce inflammation from overworked muscles, and flush toxins from your body. Add the scent of lavender, and you calm your nerves and relieve tension. Lavender bath salts are good for your body and mind. You become relaxed and ready for a restful sleep.

Gather all your ingredients. You will need a small glass or metal bowl and mixing spoon, as well. Don't use plastic because it will absorb the fragrance from the oil.

Pour the salts together in the bowl and stir. Break up any clumps. Add the baking soda and stir. The baking soda softens the water and your skin. Add the two drops of glycerin. You may add more glycerin, if you wish. Glycerin softens the water and skin, as well.

Add the lavender essential oil. The suggested amount is three to four drops, but you may want to add more for a stronger scent. Do not exceed eight drops, or it will be too strong and will cause the salts to clump. Stir the oil through the salt mixture.

Pour the salts into a jar with an airtight lid. You may want to use a canning jar and add a decorative ribbon.

Place 2 to 4 tbsp. in bath water. You may use more, if you wish. Swish the salts around with your hand to disperse evenly through the water.