How to make Kids Candy Train Party Favor Craft Images

Children of all ages are delighted by this sweet and clever candy train. Make this as a craft activity at a children’s party, so the kids can take them home as favors. At Christmas, they can be hung as ornaments. Keep all the candy in its original wrapper to keep the glue off of the candy itself. That way, the trains can be eaten after they are admired. These are great for birthday parties where the birthday child is a train buff.

Lay a pack of gum down flat on the table. Center an unopened pack of Lifesavers on top of it lengthwise. Affix together with hot glue. This forms the body of the train engine.

Stand a Hershey miniature candy bar vertically at the back of the engine. Glue it to the end of the tube of Lifesavers in an upright fashion, making the rear of the engine.

Place a Rollo candy on top of the tube of Lifesavers near the back of the engine. Press down slightly on each side to fit it better to the curve of the Lifesaver tube. This is the engineer’s cabin. Glue it on. Glue a single Starburst candy on top of this to form the roof of the cabin.

Affix two peppermint bursts on each side of the engine to serve as wheels. Glue them to the sides of the pack of gum. You must leave them in their packaging to prevent the glue from coming in contact with the candy itself, if you want your candy train to be completely edible.

Trim off the very tip of a Hershey kiss. Glue the kiss, pointy side down, to the top of the front of the engine (Lifesaver roll) to represent the smokestack. You may need to press it on the table first to blunt the tip and make a bigger surface for the glue to adhere.