How to Make Invitation Flyers

Many events warrant a party or big celebration. Instead of sending out traditional invitations, you could put a new spin on things and save a few bucks by making invitation flyers. These are simple to make and can be handed out or mailed. You can simply make these at home on your computer. Design them, distribute them, and get set for the party.

Select a colored paper or lightweight card stock. The color should coordinate with the theme and tone of the party so as to set it apart the moment people receive their invitation.

Get your notepad and pen or pencil. Jot down everything you want to say on the flyer so you make sure all the information is delivered, how to say it best and how to arrange it on the page. On another piece of paper, create a mock-up of how you imagine the text, its general placement and the exact wording.

Open up your design program. For white paper, set a colored background or patterned background. If using colored paper, then this step isn't necessary. Go through your clip art collection and find an image or two that fits the theme of the party. If you don't have a clip art collection, search online and save a few images to a file to use. Cut and paste to your document. Resize the image if necessary or move it around on the page.

Choose a text size and font. You may be using more than one size or font to emphasize different parts of the text. You can start with one font if you would like, then later highlight different sections by choosing a different font or size. Fill in all your text as you planned it on your mock-up page.

Click "print preview" to see what your flyer looks like from a distance. Make any changes necessary and save the file. Then print one copy. Look it over to ensure you spelled everything correctly and to make sure it came out the way you wanted it. You can photocopy more copies or print them out from your computer.